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Bronwyn Umphrey, LCPC
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Counseling Process

"Change is to give up who we are to become who we might be.”

What to expect from the counseling process:
I strive to help you create the changes you desire in your life my assisting you along the way. Therapy is a way to find new pathways to make change. I look forward to hearing your story. The process of counseling varies for each individual. The first session is a time for both client and therapist to decide if we feel comfortable working together, as the therapeutic relationship is very important to successful therapy. In our first meeting I will listen to your concerns. In future sessions we will discuss treatment goals in more depth, and formulate coping skills and strategies that meet your desired outcome.

Confidentiality and trust are essential components of developing a productive therapeutic relationship. The length of treatment varies based upon the treatment goals. All counseling contact will be private and confidential."



The Ellsworth Counseling Process